• How can I arrange to talk to someone about my bathroom renovation?

    Contact us on 0421 868 575 for an obligation free quote on your desired bathroom renovation.

    We'll arrange a suitable time to visit your home and discuss your needs in terms of design, fixtures and other aspects of delivering outstanding results for your new bathroom. We'll forward a comprehensive quotation to you within 2 working days of inspecting your site, which will include the cost and time frame to complete your project.

    Once you accept our quote we'll determine the duration of your new renovation, arrange a suitable start date and coordinate all necessary tradespeople.

  • How long will my bathroom renovation take?

    A bathroom renovation is a complex process involving a number of tasks and professional licensed tradespeople, and goes through two stages:

    1. Planning & Preparation

    2. Installation

    If structural work is required, permits may be necessary. At Total Care Bathroom Renovations we suggest allocating up to six months for the entire project, including one or two months for the actual install.

  • Is a renovation project expensive?

    Yes and no, it depends on what you want. A bathroom renovation is a cost effective way of updating a home and increasing its resale value. Seen in that light, a renovation is a sound investment.

    The cost of a bathroom renovation can only be calculated after extensive discussions and a physical examination of the site. Total Care Bathroom Renovations will happily visit your home to inspect your desired renovation and offer a free, no-obligation, costed quote based on your requirements.


    The size of your bathroom is going to be a factor in the cost of your renovation, but since so much of a bathroom is tiled, tiling costs will also be a significant cost. Tiles and tiling are both priced by the square metre. Tiles vary in price from around $45 per square metre for vinyl tiles to $150m2 for high quality ceramic or porcelain tiles. The tiler’s rate may vary, too, it all depends on the job.

    Other major costs include:

    • Shower fittings and shower enclosure
    • Toilet
    • Bathtub
    • Vanity and sink
    • Lighting

    The cost of a bath alone can vary from around $450 for an acrylic tub to much more for a freestanding stone tub. You’ll find similar price differences for toilets, sinks and shower enclosures.